Raw Is Real

by Dali's Llama



"...That old adage of, "Where once I was blind, now I can see," works like a hand in a glove when describing my newfound love for Dali's Llama. I was oblivious until Full on Dunes finally came to my stunted attention, and Raw is Real has turned me into a converted follower. The music on this disc feels as if it was lost in some classic stoner rock vault full of Kyuss and Fatso Jetson albums and half of the Man's Ruin discography. There's not a bum track in the bunch, and it seems the band are always intent to move forward and progress their sound, letting a plethora of other influences such as good indie rock (Dinosaur Jr. and the Pixies), psych and grunge (namely Tad) seep into the mix.

Still, with that said, they're masters of the riff and there's at least one massive groove in each one of these tunes, making sure the band's heralded 70's influences are coming through loud and clear. Anyone who thinks the traditional stoner scene could use a new band to bring back the classic ways, will absolutely go batshit over Dali's Llama, and as a fan of that old sound and as a guy that thinks Kozik was a revolutionary for our little corner of the world, I'm giving Raw is Real a double barrel recommendation. Although Dali's Llama are hardly new, they are certainly overlooked as I've only seen a couple glowing mentions of them online. Get in the know now, and don't miss the next 6 LPs like this certain typing monkey did!" - HELLRIDE MUSIC

"...The cool and also slightly unique thing about the band is their ability to be totally rocking in a swampy way but remaining totally assessable and catchy. Let's face it, most stoner/desert rock band died years ago with the best bands long gone or only mere shadows of their former selves and keep in mind the amount of imitators from the cities that jumped the desert band-wagon all those years ago, where are they know ?
Its with this philosophy I am glad there is still a band like Dali's Llama to fly the desert rock flag and fly it with honesty, dedication and a sense of fun, not to mention loads of good old grooves. Give it a listen, this should be the album to get you hooked if not so already. Out on Dali's Llama Records. 9/10" - DOOMMANTIA


released October 29, 2009

All songs written by Zach Huskey © 2008, 2009 (BMI)
All rights reserved.

Dali's Llama:
Zach Huskey - guitar & vocals
Erica Huskey - bass standard & bowed electric
Jeff Howe - drums
Joe Dillon - guitar & background vocals



all rights reserved


Dali's Llama Palm Springs, California

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