Howl Do You Do?

by Dali's Llama

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D Asherman
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D Asherman I was able to sit down with this album today and just listen. I liked it before, but now...I love it. I heard more this time than before, and...well, a few songs are reminiscent of Led Zep, without being any kind of direct rip. "Infected..." starts as 60's garage/psych, takes a turn into Steve Earle territory, goes elsewhere. Mostly what I hear is Zach Huskey channeling the spirit of Bo Diddley. Not the tame Bo Diddley you hear a lot of psych bands cover. But real, scary Bo Diddley. Favorite track: Hortense.


"...Howl Do You Do? Is a great album start to end. Fans of Dali's Llama previous work will enjoy this. It's not a far stray from what they've done in the past and it's a nice change of pace. The album keeps their current fans happy while at the same time a good album to draw in new fans. The album is full of catchy riffs and lyrics. It's a very good possibility that you may get a song or two stuck in your head like I did. I've listened to a lot of good albums this year, Howl Do You Do? is one of them..." - THE SODA SHOP

"..., it's not the strictly typical Dali's Llama although it's a killer album and Zach Huskey's unmistakable, untidy vocals (ohh, I love it!) are still there." - SLUDGESWAMP.BLOGSPOT

"...Over recent (hell, even way before recent!) times, the stoner genre has started to fold in on itself and become not only repetitive and derivative (a nod to Rick & Roll, who loves that "derivative" word!) but also just plain shitty. One band whom you can't lay that mantle on is DALI'S LLAMA and their latest, the cleverly monikered "Howl Do You Do?" really bears that out. Simply put, this crew takes that tried-&-true overdriven and distorted stoner vibe and draped over it some super-catchy old time rock & roll melodies that really grab me by the nads. Sheezus, it's almost as if Eddie Glass & Chuck Berry sat down and compared geetar playin' all across this shiny recordable medium and I'm a happier man for it. Only one question, friends...Howl Do I Get This Outta My CD Player?" - RAYSREALM

"...Not as much of a departure from the band's sound as I expected (riffs are still the trail boss on this wagon train), but the quicker, catchier song structures, heavy organ interplay, and the more jammed out feel of the material, sure do show another side to Dali's Llama. This is a great rock n' roll record. No two ways about it. It touches on the garage elements promised for damn sure, but also jacks up the free form, unpolluted classic rock elements to astronomical levels. As Deep Purple as it is the Damned, as The Doors as it is the Pixies, as Man's Ruin as it is the Murder City Devils, and so on... On Howl do you do? Dali's Llama rule the land where riffs are king, the blues are queen, and psychedelic bliss makes up the majority of the royal court. A record that any fan of good, incisive rock n' roll (be it garage, classic, stoner, psych) should be able to get into! The legendary Skillet, also provides electrifying, artistic imagery for you to sink your retinas into." - HELLRIDEMUSIC


released August 9, 2010

All songs written by Zach Huskey © 2008, 2009, 2010 (BMI)
All rights reserved.

Dali's Llama:
Zach Huskey - guitar & vocals
Erica Huskey - bass & background vocals
Joe Dillon - guitar & background vocals
Craig Brown - drums & background vocals
with Mikael Jacobson - organ and background vocals



all rights reserved


Dali's Llama Palm Springs, California

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